Hand Made Prints

Gum Bichromate Prints
The prints in this portfolio are 'one off' individual prints. The sizes are available if you scroll over the 'info' button at the top of the site window.

I realised recently that I no longer have a 'hands on' relationship with my work. Apart from the initial photography, eveything is computer based. Working with paper and watercolour, using brushes etc. is a refreshing change for me and the results are not possible by any other means. When seen 'in the flesh' the layers and surface textures are more apparent

Gum Bichromate printing is a technique from the 19th. century involving the use of Gum Arabic and Watercolour pigments. Each print has up to eight layers of colour and therefore takes quite a while to do. Once a colour is applied there is no going back, unlike 'photoshop' They are on acid free 360 gms paper.

Le Film

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